Walter Gauß - G. Klebinder-Gauß - C. von Rüden (eds), The Transmission of Technical Knowledge in the Production of Ancient Mediterranean Pottery, SoSchrÖAI 54 (Wien 2015).

Sabine Ladstätter, Die Türbe im Artemision. Ein frühosmanischer Grabbau in Ayasoluk/Selçuk und sein kulturhistorisches Umfeld, SoSchrÖAI 53 (Wien 2015).

Projects: Geographical Overview

Fleshing out the Past

© Niki Gail/ÖAI
© Niki Gail/ÖAI

What do bioarchaeologists actually do and what do ancient bones or charred plant residuals tell about the history of mankind? Take a look at how ÖAW researchers use scientific methods to answer cultural-historical questions.

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